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19-January-2005 Abdel-Rahman Hussam Zaydan 18 years Congenital torticollis due to left SCMM spasm



The patient  came to the clinic 12-June-2004 complaining of inability to look to the right with progressing deformity of the face and cranium. He had fibrotic left SCMM with very short  length in comparison to the right . MRI of the brain and cervical spine performed and showed severe asymmetry of the bony structures and soft tissues.


Under G.A. the left sternocleidomastoid muscle was totally resected from its attachments to the left clavicle and sternum. The sheath also inspected and resected. The omohyoid muscle was inspected and it was normal and left intact.  The patient  was sent for physiotherapy.


bullet The patient came 31-January-2006 for follow-up and it was impossible to imagine, that this visitor is the same as the one operated upon. Complete resolution of his symptoms and no noticeable limitations of neck movement and even no scar, that I started to be confused, that he could be another person. To see the result click here!


Notice: Not all operative activities can be recorded due to lack of time.
Notice: Head injuries and very urgent surgeries are also escaped from the plan .





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