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Most of the site will reflect the ongoing surgical activity of Prof. Munir Elias MD., PhD. with brief slides and weekly activity. For reference to the academic and theoretical part, you are welcome to visit  neurosurgery.tv




The patient was seen by me 1 year ago for LBP and both knees pain for 10 years. She was unable to walk for one month at that time. She is a known diabetic with hypertension. MRI lumbar spine done at that time showed extruded disc with downward migration right side. She was advised for surgery, but she was reluctant. 40 days ago she started to complain of neck pain with severe weakness both upper limbs with more pronounced weakness in the right upper limb. She had Brown-Sequard syndrome right side with loss of sensation in the left side above the nipple and weak both lower limbs with almost complete plegia in the right. MRI performed one day before surgery, showed a very huge extruded disc C6-7 with severe compression of the spinal cord with up and downward migration. Discectomy C6-7 done with cleaning of all the extruded components. Immediately after surgery, the power of the right upper limb improved, but the power of the left showed mild deterioration with improvement of the right lower limb.

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