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The patient came to the clinic with sudden onset LBP with drop feet for 3 weeks after hospitalization in one hospital without performing MRI. The patient had SLRS 10 degrees both sides with agonizing pain and bilateral drop feet and weak planterflexion both feet. Hypalgesia both L5 and S1 roots without cauda equina syndrome. The patient urged for surgery and MRI performed showing huge central extrusion L4-5 with big mass occupying both sides.

Bilateral L4-5 flavotomy with bilateral foraminotomy of both L5 roots was performed and the extrusion was removed from both sides and cleaning of the disc space was done from both sides.


Here is a case, that minimal cleaning of the disc space is impossible, because all the time the disc material was coming from the disc space and it was impossible to leave fragments in the space. In the other side, attempt was made to preserve the integrity of the lateral wall of the annulus fibrosis, to prevent possible collapse of the disc space.



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