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65 years age man came to the clinic 13-02-2005 complaining of neck pain for three months with shooting pain to both upper limbs, more the left and numbness of the left hand. Lhermitte's sign was noticed with shooting pain to the left lower limb. Urgency and frequency for 5-6 months. On examination there was severe weakness of the grip  and extension of both hands and triceps muscles. All deep reflexes were exaggerated. There was hypalgesia of the ulnar distribution left upper limb down to left Th4 level. The patient was sent for thorough investigations and MRI of the cervical spine revealed huge central extruded disc at the level of C5-6. The patient was operated 20-02-2005. As noted in the video recording, all the extruded disc was removed and immediately after recovery, the patient regained full power of all his limbs. The patient then progressed CSF leak from the wound , for what he was readmitted in the hospital and under treatment . He progressed left upper limb weakness, which started to recover. The right upper limb regained full strength and sensation.




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