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The patient  underwent enzymotherapy by indwelling catheter one year ago by another surgeon for unknown indications. The patient did not improve and continued to complain and the condition progressed. On examination: The patient had severe weak dorsiflexion both feet with hypalgesia below both knees.

The patient underwent decompressive laminectomy L4 and partially of L3 and L5 with bilateral foraminotomy both L4 and L5 both sides. Inspection of L4-5 disc revealed acceptable alignment without presence of extrusion, for what it was left intact.

The patient showed immediate postoperative recovery of the power of both legs, and she was discharged the next day.


1. Despite the fact, that enzymotherapy  is useless where it is indicated, here is an example, where it is used in cases not indicated for them. From this series of operations, you can find several cases, where the patients were operated after enzymotherapy.

2. Considering that more than 80% of adult population has discopathy, enzymotherapy and many methods, used in practice survive, because most of the patients, even without treatment recover.


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