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Getting Started

Before you start creating your website please read this Getting Started page. These pages will help you get started.

Adding a page to the navigation structure
In the Folder List, select the page and drag it to the position in the structure where you want it.

How to modify the included page
Included Page function is used in this template. Once you modify the area where the Included Page function is used in the associated file, your changes will automatically appear on all pages.

1. A copyright at the bottom of each page. -> includes/bottom.htm
2. Top menu in each page. -> includes/topmenu.htm
3. Company Logo in each page. -> includes/logo.htm

Note for Flash Menu
1. Number of the flash menu in this template can be no more than five for main menu and 4 for sub menu.
2. Maximum number of characters in the flash menu text shouldn't exceed 11(main menu), 13(submenu). If you use capital letters, it would be less.

Replacing the Flash Menu & Text
1. Open the flash_text.txt file in the web folder.
2. If you want to change the flash menu, please replace the menu text as follows:

Flash Menu

menu1=About Us                   to   menu1=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu1_sub1=Introduction    to   &menu1_sub1=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu1_sub2=Contact Us      to   &menu1_sub2=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu1_sub3=Submenu3      to   &menu1_sub3=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu1_sub4=Submenu4      to   &menu1_sub4=YOUR OWN MENU

&menu2=News & Event                 to   menu2=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu2_sub1=Current News        to   &menu2_sub1=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu2_sub2=News Archives       to   &menu2_sub2=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu2_sub3=Event                    to   &menu2_sub3=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu2_sub4=Submenu4             to   &menu2_sub4=YOUR OWN MENU

&menu3=Healthcare Info.             to   menu3=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu3_sub1=FAQs                    to   &menu3_sub1=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu3_sub2=Feedback              to   &menu3_sub2=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu3_sub3=Submenu3             to   &menu3_sub3=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu3_sub4=Submenu4             to   &menu3_sub4=YOUR OWN MENU

&menu4=Medical Services                     to   menu4=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu4_sub1=Medical Services             to   &menu4_sub1=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu4_sub2=Cardiac Care                  to   &menu4_sub2=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu4_sub3=Submenu3                      to   &menu4_sub3=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu4_sub4=Submenu4                      to   &menu4_sub4=YOUR OWN MENU

&menu5=Support                                   to   menu5=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu5_sub1=Getting Started                to   &menu5_sub1=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu5_sub2=Tutorials                          to   &menu5_sub2=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu5_sub3=Submenu3                       to   &menu5_sub3=YOUR OWN MENU
&menu5_sub4=Submenu4                       to   &menu5_sub4=YOUR OWN MENU

Replacing the flash images
1. Create your own images and save as the same file names
- image_main_01.jpg
- image_main_02.jpg
- image_main_03.jpg
- image_main_04.jpg
- image_main_05.jpg

2. Copy and paste the images into the images folder.

Editing the flash menu
1. Open the flash_link.js file in web folder.
2. Replace the current links  and "#" to your own page links.

//Replace the # character to your file name
// Menu1 & SubMenu
case 11:window.location="introduction.htm" ;break;   to  your_menu1_link1.htm
case 12:window.location="contactus.htm" ;break;             to  your_menu1_link2.htm
case 13:window.location="#" ;break;            to  your_menu1_link3.htm
case 14:window.location="#" ;break;            to  your_menu1_link4.htm

// Menu2 & SubMenu
case 21:window.location="current_news.htm" ;break;    to  your_menu2_link1.htm
case 22:window.location="news_archives.htm" ;break;    to  your_menu2_link2.htm
case 23:window.location="#" ;break;                     to  your_menu2_link3.htm
case 24:window.location="#" ;break;                     to  your_menu2_link4.htm

// Menu3 & SubMenu
case 31:window.location="faqs.htm" ;break;    to  your_menu3_link1.htm
case 32:window.location="feedback.htm" ;break;    to  your_menu3_link2.htm
case 33:window.location="#" ;break;                     to  your_menu3_link3.htm
case 34:window.location="#" ;break;                     to  your_menu3_link4.htm

// Menu4 & SubMenu
case 41:window.location="medical_services.htm" ;break;    to  your_menu4_link1.htm
case 42:window.location="cardiac_care.htm" ;break;                      to  your_menu4_link2.htm
case 43:window.location="#" ;break;                      to  your_menu4_link3.htm
case 44:window.location="#" ;break;                      to  your_menu4_link4.htm

// Menu5 & SubMenu
case 51:window.location="tutorials.htm" ;break;    to  your_menu5_link1.htm
case 52:window.location="gettingstarted.htm" ;break;                    to  your_menu5_link2.htm
case 53:window.location="#" ;break;                    to  your_menu5_link3.htm
case 54:window.location="#" ;break;                    to your_menu5_link4.htm
3. Save.

Importing the modified flash movie into your web
1. In Normal view in FrontPage, select the current flash movie and delete.
2. On the Insert menu, click Web Component.
3. In the left pane, click Advanced Controls.
4. In the right pane, double-click Plug-In.
5. In the Data source box, type the URL of the file (your modified .swf file), or click Browse to locate the file.
6. Specify the width and height of your flash movie.
7. Click OK.

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