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Inomed Stockert Neuro N50. A versatile
RF lesion generator and stimulator for
countless applications and many uses


Multigen RF lesion generator .



For more than 30 years, I had the privilege to perform approach to the midline posterior fossa with preservation most of the bony anatomy.


After creating the bur holes using pediatric size, the lower most lateral to the foramen magnum, both sides, drilling was proceeded down to the posterior rim of the foramen magnum.


The bony flap was rotated, trying during that to pay special attention to the most deep parts of the bone flap and keeping in continuity with the ligamentum flavum.


The bone flap usually rotated to the lower field of the operative cavity and fixed with stitches to let the flap away from vision.


The lower field in this case is the upper edge of C1.




The approach is suitable for most of midline pathologies and the lesions extending not far low as C1 ring.


The above shown video is a demonstration for the stages of the procedure.

Skyra MRI with all clinical applications in the run since 28-Novemeber-2013.

Inomed Riechert-Mundinger System, with three point fixation is the most accurate system in the market. The microdrive and its sensor gives feed back about the localization.

Inomed MER system

Leica HM500

Leica HM500
The World's first and the only Head mounted Microscope.
Freedom combined with Outstanding Vision, but very bad video recording and documentation.

TRUMPF TruSystem 7500

After long years TRUMPF TruSystem 7500 is running with in the neurosuite at Shmaisani hospital starting from 23-March-2014

LooksCam II in the run.
LooksCam II in the run  starting from  14-March-2020

Notice: Not all operative activities can be recorded due to lack of time.
Notice: Head injuries and very urgent surgeries are also escaped from the plan .











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